TargetHitMany small business owners are living in the past, and it is to their detriment.

That is because over the last four years, hackers have begun to increase their attacks on small businesses exponentially. In fact, the number of attacks actually tripled from 2011 to 2012, and there has been a sharp increase even in the past two years.

But why? Why would hackers waste their time on the “small potatoes?” Because they watch trends and as larger companies began to increase their security measures, they are aware that smaller businesses are less likely to protect their data as securely as they should.

That is why it is absolutely vital that small business owners run regular security scans on their websites. If you fail to complete this task, you put yourself at a huge risk. Statistics show that there is an 87% chance that a small business that does not run security scans will become the victim of a cybercriminal, because hackers view small businesses as easy targets.

Imagine you are a thief and you know that the owners of two homes in the neighborhood are on vacation – One home is massive, and has a security system, while the other home is a lot smaller, but does not have a security system, and even has the key hidden under a rock. In this instance, which home would you choose to rob? Probably the smaller one because your likelihood for successfully breaking into the home is much greater, and it is less likely you will get caught.

Additionally, if you are a small business and a criminal is aware that you have a bigger client, you are at an even greater risk because they have the potential to gain access to the larger company’s database by simply hacking yours.

Fortunately, we are here to protect you, your data and your clients. We have the ability to test your website and check it for weaknesses. After the scan, we provide you with a report detailing potential vulnerabilities so that you can patch them before a hacker exploits it.

Please call or email us and one of our competent employees will help you take the next step towards a secure network.

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