Well, it’s here!  Black Friday shopping week has officially begun.  The lure of door busting sales will bring online shoppers in droves worldwide.  That means Christmas candy for cybercriminals that take advantage of that rush with Trojan sites used to intercept users’ credentials, or phishing pages designed to capture website logins. Captured web credentials sell on the dark web for just about $2 each. A small price to criminals to pay when most e-commerce sites have stored credit card details.

Trojan sites work well because consumers are distracted, in a rush, and easily fooled.  Phishing emails, well-crafted to look exactly like they’re from the real company promote a massive discount or hard to get item on sale. The recipient gets excited about the prospect of getting that wanted item on the cheap. Then either take the recipient to a fake logon page or attempt to install malware to track logons.

One website that can be beneficial for your company is https://www.knowbe4.com/domain-doppelganger.  This is a free tool that helps identify domain doppelgängers.  With the results, you can also generate a risk assessment to distribute to your employees to assess just how security- aware your users are when it comes to Phishing.

Over 70% of your employees will engage in online shopping between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  That makes look-alike domains a massive risk to your company.  Security Awareness Training is an effective tool to educate your employees on what constitutes a valid versus a phishing site.  In fact, Security Awareness Training teaches your employees to be security-conscious overall when interacting with email and the web at any time during the year.  Which means a more secure business for you.  Contact Petronella Technology to start your Security Awareness Training today!

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