The DoD will begin including CMMC cyber security requirements in select solicitations beginning in 2021.

Are you ready?

It’s really not surprising that the DoD is concerned, especially if you have been following along with our last few blog posts about the massive breach that has compromised major US Governmental departments.

As you probably know, the DoD has been working on the CMMC in earnest since 2018 as a way to protect their supply chain from cyber espionage because we have lost BILLIONS of dollars worth of data to China and other such enemies, and the DoD is planning to have the CMMC requirement in every contract by 2025.

Until then, though, CMMC officials are working on rolling out a pilot program for contracts pending at the following service branches and a support agency:

  • Navy:
    1. Integrated Common Processor
    2. F/A-18E/F Full Mod of the SBAR and Shut Off Valve,
    3. DDG-51 Lead Yard Services/Follow Yard Services.
  • Air Force:
    1. Mobility Air Force Tactical Data Links
    2. Consolidated Broadband Global Area Network Follow-On
    3. Azure Cloud Solution.
  • Missile Defense Agency: Technical Advisory and Assistance Contract.

These test audits will be only for the first 3 Maturity Levels.  Additionally, the CMMC-AB is also working with other defense agencies to seek out other CMMC pilot candidates, with more updates over the next few weeks.

To which we can only say… Happy Holidays, contractors!

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