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Navigating the Realm of Cybercrime Forensics:

The Role of Cybersecurity Expert Witnesses

Cybersecurity Expert Witness. The aftermath of a cyberattack is often fraught with uncertainty. While many cybercriminals remain at large, victims sometimes have legal avenues to seek redress. This often involves intricate forensic evaluations spearheaded by expert witnesses, a role my firm frequently assumes.


Cybersecurity Expert Witnesses are frequently sought to thoroughly evaluate cybersecurity evidence which can shed light on the details of a cyber breach. We aim to ascertain the events that transpired, pinpoint liability, and deduce the weak points that cybercriminals exploited, be it in events like ransomware attacks or other cyber breaches.

Our clientele varies, extending from individual victims (the plaintiffs) to entities like insurance companies or financial establishments (either the defendants or, in some scenarios, the plaintiffs).

Forensic excursions span an array of cybercrimes, including cryptocurrency heists, business email violations, HIPAA data leaks, and compliance breaches.

Expert Witness Methodology

  • Thorough research
  • Evidence review
  • Contrast plaintiff and defense narratives
  • Scrutinize and digest hundreds or thousands of evidence documents
  • Tap into online resources for added context

The culmination of our assessment is often a detailed report offering our expert insights.

Cyber Security Expert Witness and SIM Swap Attacks

One emerging cybercrime trend we’ve delved into is the SIM swap attack.

Mobile carriers universally grapple with SIM swap attacks, an offshoot of social engineering tactics. As a preventive measure, it’s advisable to liaise with your mobile service provider to establish a distinct PIN for your account.

In a typical SIM swap scenario, a fraudster feigns to be you and convinces a mobile carrier representative to activate and dispatch a new SIM card to them. This unauthorized switch renders your phone defunct and transfers your number to the perpetrator.

Given that numerous platforms, including banks, employ your phone number for ‘time-based one-time password’ (TOTP) authentication, the implications can be disastrous. Once cybercriminals have your phone details, they can exploit previous data breaches to amass personal information. Given the extensive cyberattacks on entities like the IRS and major corporations, they can piece together enough to impersonate you, ultimately aiming to siphon funds from your accounts. In some extreme cases, losses have escalated into millions.

When cryptocurrency values rise, SIM swap attacks increase and are used to target cryptocurrency HODLERS. Intruders recognize the prevalence of phone numbers as secondary authentication measures for crypto wallets and capitalize on this vulnerability.

Cyber Security Expert Witness – Deciphering Accountability

In the quagmire of SIM swap attacks, determining responsibility is pivotal. As an expert witness, I often collaborate with legal teams to unravel the blame, which could be on the individual, mobile carriers or financial entities.

When working with a defendant, if they’re found culpable, our services often extend beyond the courtroom. We evaluate and fortify their cybersecurity protocols, ensuring they are better insulated against impending cyber threats.

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