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Craig Petronella, Cybersecurity Expert Witness: Exploring Computer Crime

Cybersecurity Expert Witness: Craig Petronella And AssociatesImagine someone sneaking into your computer or phone without permission. That’s called a cybercrime. People who know a lot about this, like my team and I, help figure out how and why it happened. We’re like detectives for the online world!

When something bad happens online, we come in and look for clues. We want to find out what went wrong, who might be at fault, and how the bad guys got in. This could be from things like email scams or stolen data.

Different people and companies come to us for help. Sometimes it’s just a person who had their information taken. Other times, it’s big companies that need to know how their data got out.

Cybersecurity Expert Witness Methodology:

  1. Study the clues
  2. Look at all the evidence
  3. Compare different stories
  4. Look at lots and lots of online documents
  5. Use online tools to help

At the end, we write a report about what we found.

Phone Scams – A New Kind of Crime

There’s a new kind of trick where bad guys pretend to be you and ask phone companies to give them a new SIM card. A SIM card is what lets your phone work. If they get your SIM card, they can do bad things like pretend to be you, bypass your passwords or take your money or cryptocurrency assets.

This can be really bad, especially when they can get into things like your bank account or crypto wallet with your phone number. Some people have lost millions of dollars!

A big danger is for people who have special online money called cryptocurrency. When its value goes up, these bad guys try to take it by using this phone trick.

Who’s At Fault?

Cybersecurity Expert Witnesses figure out who made the mistake in these phone scams, which is super important. Was it the person, the phone company, or the bank? I work with lawyers to figure it out.

If a company or person did something wrong, we also help them protect their systems better for the future.

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