ExcitedAtComputerHave you wanted to get in on the ransomware craze?  Infect a few computers, hold their files for ransom and make a few hundred bucks real quick?  Well now you can, and you can customize it to your heart’s desire.

The Philadelphia Headquarter, a version of the Stampado strain of ransomware, was developed by a malware developer called The Rainmaker.  It was created to be easy to use and customize.  Here’s the advertisement direct from The Rainmaker:

Everything is customisable:

  • You can set the folders where the Ransomware will look for files as well as the depth/recursion level
  • You can set the extensions, you can enable, disable and define intervals for the deadline and the russian roulette (as well as editing how many files are deleted on every russian roulette interval and whether the files or the crypt key gets deleted once the deadline ends
  • You can edit file icon and Mutex
  • You can edit the UAC (user access control) in four available options: (1) do not ask for admin privilleges; (2) ask and insist until it is given; (3) ask but run anyway even if it is not given; (4) ask and give up if it is not given
  • You can edit all the interface texts as well as add multiple languages to the same file (it will detect the machine language and display the texts you edited for that locale or a default/fallback one)
  • You can enable or disable USB infect, network spread and Unkillable Process, as well as set the process name

The Philadelphia Headquarter is a software that works on your machine and allows you to generate unlimited builds, see the victims on a map and on a list (with country flags and all the data you need) and also a “Give Mercy” button if you’re too good 0:)”

Did you catch that last part?  The Rainmaker was nice enough to include a “Mercy” button.  So now you can start your own cybercriminal empire with the peace of mind that you can bail your victims out, if you so desire.

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