“Change your WiFi password and show guests where your loyalty lies! #ThatsMyTeam.”  That was a message from Charter Spectrum’s Twitter account, @GetSpectrum.  Do you see any problem there?

Charter is one of the largest TV and internet providers in the country.  Having a message about something topical, like the upcoming Super Bowl, is fine.  Reminding people to change their passwords is a great idea.  Telling people to change their passwords to something as simple as their favored team, not so wise.

Think about it.  Charter has about 25 million customers.  If 25 million Charter customers changed their WiFi passwords to something having to do with two teams, hackers would have a field day.

Instead of taking the advice to set your WiFi password to a sports team, let this just serve as a reminder to set your password to something strong, with a mix of capital and lowercase letters, numbers and maybe a few other special characters.

Charter has since removed the tweet.

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