Just yesterday we reported on the $155 million fine eClinicalWorks was given for skirting certification criteria. If you look at the fine print though, there’s more to their punishment than money, and it could be even worse.

The first stipulation is that eCW has to have an independent review organization. Their job will be to make sure eClinicalWorks is building their software properly and not doing shady things with their customers. Basically, they’re stuck with a nanny who will guard quality control on them and report back to the government if they’re out of line.

The other part is a bigger blow. eClicnicalWorks is required to upgrade their software for their customers for free or, if the customer opts to change vendors, eCW has to transfer data to a different vendor, and, the kicker, they’re not allowed to charge any fees or levy any penalties for it.

The moral of the story: make sure you’re playing by the rules.


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