A hacker group has been using brute force attacks to gain access to small business networks, mostly in Australia and New Zealand, to spread Crysis ransomware since September.  The number of attacks doubled in January and spread to larger businesses in more countries, particularly American healthcare organizations.

The hackers gain access to networks through RPD ports.  They then determine whether the computer they’ve accessed is connected to an enterprise network, and if it is they load Crysis ransomware onto every computer on the network that they can.

Here’s the kicker, though.  Sometimes the hackers are able to buy access through previously hacked accounts that are available on the black market.  Almost as easy, however, is brute forcing their way in.  In brute force attacks, the hackers automate repeated login attempts using common login credentials.  So basically, easy username and password combinations are a big culprit in the surge of ransomware attacks.  When was the last time a professional evaluated your security?  Call us today to schedule an appointment.


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