iPhonePasscodeWatch out for what you’re watching on your iPhone!  Watching a short video on your iPhone can cause it to lock up and force a reset.

The video, which is only five seconds long, is making its way around the internet.  Whether you finish watching the video or close it up, it starts a loop in the background, causing the phone to slow down and eventually freeze.  The only way to unfreeze it is to restart the phone.

There doesn’t appear to be any harm done or data lost from watching the videos, but it’s certainly an annoyance to have to restart your phone.

The glitch has been tested and found to work on the 6 and 7 models of iPhones, while Androids that were tested had no issue.

If you come across the video and forget how to restart your phone, here’s how to do it.  On the 7, hold the volume down and power buttons.  On the 6, hold the home and power buttons.

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