If you’ve bought a PC, pretty much ever, you’ve probably heard of Kaspersky. Kaspersky is a Russia-based cybersecurity company and makers of a popular antivirus program. With all the allegations surrounding Russia these days, questions are being asked about them.

Aside from being installed on plenty of home and business computers, Kaspersky Antivirus is also used by plenty of US government agencies. Given suspicions of extensive Russian hacking, the Moscow-based company is under special scrutiny.

It was recently discovered that Dan Coats and Jeff Sessions, Director of National Intelligence and Attorney General, respectively, along with the Senate Intelligence Committee, have asked the intelligence community to investigate Kaspersky to make sure they’re not feeding information to the Russian government or in any other way tampering with US computer systems.

Kaspersky denies any foul play and says they would not be used as a government tool.

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