Once again, Hyatt hotels are having to alert customers of another credit card breach at some of their hotels. According to Hyatt Corp., their in-house cybersecurity team discovered that some payment card information had been accessed without authorization.

The affected cards were either manually entered or swiped at the front desk of Hyatt-managed hotels between March 18 and July 2, 2017. The information accessed included card holder name, card number, expiration date, and internal verification code.

If you’ll recall, back in 2015 credit card systems at 250 Hyatt properties in 50 countries were accessed for four months. This newest breach seems to have affected 41 properties in 11 countries, with only five taking place at US locations and most taking place in China.

While consumers are not liable for charges stemming from breaches, it is up to them to monitor their accounts for suspicious activity and report fraudulent charges. Many accounts allow customers to set up an alert for an upcoming payment, and many have options to send text alerts whenever new charges occur. Now might be a good time to opt-in to that feature.

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