Yet another hospital has suffered a ransomware attack. This time the victim is Adams Memorial Hospital in Indiana, where an employee noticed that things didn’t look quite right back on January 11, shortly before the network went down and the files were renamed “imsorry”.

The results of the attack weren’t as devastating as another recent attack, with three doctors unable to access the hospital’s network, which included scheduling and the patient history of several dozen patients. While the systems were restored from backups, it’s unknown whether the hackers have patient¬†information or, if they do, whether they’ll try to make something out of the hack and sell the information on the dark web.

It’s not news that hospitals and healthcare centers have become popular targets by hackers looking to steal patient information or rake in ransom cash. When is the last time your company had an IT checkup? You can schedule a free IT consultation today to make sure your systems are as safe from hackers and ransomware as possible.

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