SafeBreakingA recent study of companies that had been hit by ransomware attacks in the last year revealed some very interesting and frightening numbers.

Ransomware gets through

  • 95% of ransomware attacks bypassed firewalls.
  • 77% bypassed email filtering.
  • 52% bypassed anti-malware software.

You’re not doing enough

  • 81% of IT security workers surveyed were confident in backup solutions helping them recover from a ransomware attack prior to actually being attacked.
  • Less than 50% were able to fully recover with their backup solutions.

Follow the money

What steps did companies hit by ransomware attacks take in the aftermath?  Here is what they invested in.

  • 90% security awareness (65% internal, 25% brought in professional help)
  • 50% updated security policies
  • 26% email filtering
  • 20% anti-virus

Other tidbits

Another survey of IT experts in the financial sector revealed that:

  • 55% said ransomware has surpassed spear phishing as the top cyberattack.
  • 32% reported a loss of $100,000 to $500,000 from ransomware attacks.

What should you do?

If those numbers are unsettling to you, they should be.

Does your business need ransomware removal, ransomware recovery or want to prevent ransomware? We’re the experts to call. Guaranteed.

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