Russia is suspected of having interfered in the recent presidential election in the United States.  Russia is also suspected of influencing politics in France and Germany.  The UK recently sent a warning to its own political parties warning of potential Russian interference.

Ciaran Martin is the chief executive of the Government Communications HeadquartersCyber Security Centre (or GCHQ NCSC for short… kinda).  He recently sent a warning to the leaders of the UK’s political parties to offer advice on cybersecurity.  In it, he mentioned that attacks could go beyond the systems of the political parties and may include cyberattacks from the top offices down to local offices and personal email accounts.

“This is not just about the network security of political parties’ own systems,” Martin wrote.  “Attacks against our democratic processes go beyond this.”

The NCSC’s main concerns were that Russian hackers could leak private databases with voter information and internal, politically-sensitive internal emails.

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