HIPAA Compliance DIY for Agents and Brokers

HIPAA Compliance DIY for Agents and Brokers

HIPAA Compliance for Agents and Brokers: Simplified.

You got into medicine to help people, not to worry about hackers, ransomware and cybersecurity. So let us help you focus on your patients by leaving HIPAA compliance to the professionals at Petronella Technology Group (PTG).

When you purchase PTG’s Complete HIPAA Compliance for Agents and Brokers, you will receive The PTG Complete HIPAA Compliance Toolkit which includes:

  • 18 Customized Policies and Procedures ($4,950.00 value) to comply with HIPAA regulations
  • Valuable Templates, including:
    • Sample Business Associate Agreement (BAA)
    • Sample Notice of Privacy Practices
  • HIPAA Defense Forum access (https://hipaadefense.com)
  • HIPAA Handouts
  • HIPAA Regulatory Updates

You will also receive PTG's HIPAA Security Controls Package, which helps you monitor you Threat, Vulnerability & Exposure Landscape with:

  • Pre-configured hardware firewall, monitoring and management
  • Pre-configured wireless wifi, secured and encrypted
  • Next Generation Anti-Ransomware/Anti-malware protection for PC endpoint devices
  • Remote Monitoring for PC endpoint devices
  • Encrypted DNS filtering
  • Lifetime warranty on hardware

Additionally, we are aware of the fact that your business is only as secure as your weakest link, which is why we also provide PTG’s HIPAA Security Training for Employees, which gives you:

  • Ongoing HIPAA Security Training
  • Engaging Training Videos
  • Compliance Testing
  • Employee Certificates
  • Administrator Training Reports
  • New Hire Training
  • Security Reminders
  • 12-month access to our Compliance Portal
  • Employee Access to Security Policies and Procedures

That might seems like a lot already but did you think that was it? If so, you were wrong... PTG makes sure that we cover all your cybersecurity bases. If everything mentioned above wasn’t enough, you will also get:

  • Business Associate Tracking
  • Security Incident Module
  • Server Room Access Tracking
  • Disaster Recovery Plan Storage
  • Articles and Reference Materials
  • Contracts and Document Storage
  • $250,000 Cyber Insurance that covers:
    • HIPAA Breach Expenses
    • HIPAA Fines
  • PTG's Annual HIPAA Readiness Security Risk Assessment ($5,000+ Value)
  • PTG's Website Penetration Test and Gap Analysis with a remediation plan ($10,000+ Value)
  • Live Risk Assessment Interview (Online Meeting)
  • Live Risk Assessment Review (Online Meeting)
  • Additional Security Recommendations
  • HIPAA Compliance Snapshot
  • Executive Summary Report
  • Detailed Findings Report
  • Threats Analysis/Risk Determination
  • Annual Comprehensive 3rd Party HIPAA Security Risk Assessment ($5,000+ Value)

This package also satisfies MACRA/MIPS Promoting Interoperability Requirements. And the final annual deliverable is a PDF showing your HIPAA security certificate of completion that can be shared with vendors.

If you do any business with any medical practice; if there is even a slight possibility in your business dealings that you might so much as gaze over or touch any ePHI, you need to protect your company by ensuring that it is HIPAA compliant.  PTG"s HIPAA Compliance for Agents and Brokers is the peace of mind you need.


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