HIPAA Training Do-It-Yourself


We have designed this comprehensive and cost-effective HIPAA training program for medical practice owners and executives.

What will you learn from our program?

  • How to protect your practice from new threats like ransomware
  • What you and your practice are up against in regards to HIPAA rules and regulations
  • What security controls are required by HIPAA and how to implement them yourself.

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This comprehensive and cost-effective HIPAA training program educates on HIPAA rules and regulations, how to implement them, and how to protect your medical practice from ransomware threats that your medical practice can apply on its own.

Why Purchase

HIPAA compliance is mandatory, but your practice may not have the need or desire to involve a full IT firm for in-person staff training. HIPAA Training DIY teaches you how to protect your practice from cybersecurity threats and adhere to HIPAA regulations at an affordable, self-guided pace.

Who Should Purchase

  • Owners of Medical Practices
  • Managers of Medical Practices

Product Details

Owning a medical practice is complicated and high risk around compliance issues. Your focus is on your patients, but the reality is you have the burden of HIPAA audits, fees, and penalties breathing down your neck.

It does not stop there. You are also exposed to hackers waiting to steal your patients’ electronic personal health information (ePHI) at any given chance. Should this happen, your liability and exposure can see you bankrupt in no time.

There are real challenges and complexities involved in ensuring your practice is HIPAA compliant, and the consequences are no laughing matter. In a world filled with cyber dangers, it’s necessary to be proactive, preventative, and aware of how to conquer these issues in order to protect your patients’ information and your practice’s reputation and data. After all, knowledge is the most powerful tool in any battle.

Protecting your practice and adhering to HIPAA compliance is something you have to do, and this HIPAA Training DIY allows you to do so at a pace that makes sense for your practice. This training is a great option if you have an experienced tech manager in your office who can easily apply this HIPAA guidance or if you are a physician who enjoys the world of IT and cybersecurity and gets excited about engaging in this important task. 

The HIPAA Training DIY includes:

  • HIPAA Essential Training provided online with engaging videos
  • New Employee Training
  • Employee Testing and Certificates of Compliance
  • Administrative reports

Not only is this HIPAA Training DIY easily applicable to a smaller medical practice, but it is also budget-friendly. If your practice does not have the funds to outsource to a full-time IT and cybersecurity expert like Petronella Tech, this option provides that expert information in this do-it-yourself format. Pricing is valid to up to five users and per month. 

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Petronella Tech is an IT and cybersecurity provider that specializes in building cybersecurity protections and HIPAA compliance training for medical practices and facilities. Our focus is on understanding the unique challenges facing physicians and their practices when it comes to IT, cybersecurity, and protecting patients’ private data. 

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