HIPAA Annual Subscription


HIPAA Annual Subscription provides a customized, multi-faceted solution to ensure your organization creates a culture that protects the privacy and security of patient health information and maintains HIPAA compliance.

Why Enroll

HIPAA compliance is complicated, and the HIPAA Annual Subscription ensures your organization is proactive in protecting patient health information and preventing costly lawsuits.

Who Should Enroll

  • Health Plans
  • Health Care Clearinghouses
  • Health Care Providers
  • Medical Practices and Facilities
  • Any Organization that is electronically submitting any health information


Product Details

The challenges faced by larger practices and facilities to remain HIPAA-compliant and protect each patient’s data entry are overwhelming. You need a team of experts that can offer a comprehensive, actionable plan that minimizes your risk and exposure to costly lawsuits.

Our HIPAA Annual Subscription is a customized plan created to meet the specific needs of your organization. It is a layered, multi-prong approach that assesses your current situation and provides training on how to best protect your organization and patients. We do this by offering a large menu of services that ensures our team of experts creates the compliance package you need. From Risk Assessments to Employee Training to Disaster Recovery, this plan addresses all of your HIPAA compliance concerns.

The HIPAA Annual Subscription includes: 

  • Annual Comprehensive HIPAA Security Risk Assessment
  • Satisfy MACRA/MIPS Promoting Interoperability Requirements
  • Live Risk Assessment Interview (Online Meeting)
  • Live Risk Assessment Review (Online Meeting)
  • Additional Security Recommendations
  • HIPAA Compliance Snapshot
  • Executive Summary Report
  • Detailed Findings Report
  • Threats Analysis / Risk Determination
  • 18 Customized Security Policies and Procedures
  • 18 Videos Explaining Security Policies
  • Sample Business Associate Agreement
  • Sample Notice of Privacy Practices
  • Other Sample Templates
  • HIPAA Security Training
  • Engaging Training Videos
  • Compliance Testing
  • Employee Certificates
  • Administrator Training Reports
  • New Hire Training
  • Security Reminders
  • 12 Months use of Compliance Portal
  • Employee Access to Security Policies and Procedures
  • Business Associate Tracking
  • Security Incident Module
  • Server Room Access Tracking
  • Disaster Recovery Plan Storage
  • Articles and Reference Materials
  • Contracts and Document Storage
  • $250,000 Cyber Insurance
  • Covers HIPAA Breach Expenses
  • Covers HIPAA Fines
  • Annual Comprehensive HIPAA Security Risk Assessment
    **Cyber Insurance Only Available on 21-50 Employee Subscriptions

Petronella Technology Group specializes in creating HIPAA compliance solutions for medical practices and facilities.  It is our promise that we create a HIPAA compliance solution that positively impacts your team and properly protects your patient data.  Our team of experts is ready to answer your questions about creating a customized subscription for your organization. Reach out to us HERE (link).

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