Video Walls: Make Your Vibe Visible

In the case of marketing, there is one secret that has never really been a secret: You need to separate yourself from the crowd. When it comes to 99 sheep, the one stray is the star of the story. The wolf becomes a legend. Everybody forgot about the 99. Which brings us to “video walls.”

Let’s say you are a physical therapist and your competitors are similar in education, experience, and expertise, at least closely enough that it is hard to separate yourself completely from the pack. We don’t need to explain what experience a client has at your office, complete with actual VIDEO WALLS in comparison with the experience they have at your competitor’s office- where the only thing they see on the walls is paint drying.

Marketing really boils down to human psychology. Video walls are appealing. They stimulate the psyche, and they are pleasing to the senses. They create an ambiance that screams “status” and “special.” Until humanity evolves past the social stigmas, video walls are very strategic- and are a very good idea.


Now that we’ve sold you, what’s next?

Know thy client. What type of vibe do they want to feel when they stand in the presence of your stunning video walls? Select from the power of large scale moving graphics, the optical smorgasbord of varying content on multiple screens, or the irresistability of interactive multi-touch, multi-display walls.


  • Pixel Power: High resolution images, large scale moving graphics, animations, and visually pleasing videos are powerhouses in the world of video walls. The sky really is the limit here, as long as it fits onto a wall. You can really brand your business by putting the image of your buness, however you imagine it, right in your clients’ faces- literally. You are currently picturing a few ideas, aren’t you? Help your clients to see your vision.
  • Multiple Screens: Delight your customers with relevant news updates, business announcements, fun facts, weather forecasts, special offerings, or pictures of puppies. You get the point…the point is just delight your customers with dazzling lights and swirling signs, all at the same time. Confuse them and confound them, and you will never bore them!
  • Interactive Touch Screens: Go ahead, tease them. Who can resist touching a touch screen? When a client interacts with your touch screen, they are interacting with you. Have them go through your special offers to pick and personalize one for themselves. Give them a freebie if they take a quiz about you, or leave a 5 star Google Review in real-time. Have them vote for employee of the month. Have a suggestion box where the negative selections move if they try to touch them. Have fun with it- if you can provide your service and entertainment at the same time, you have succeeded in separating yourself from the pack. It’s like being at a restaurant, with fire dancers on the stage. It’s just better than being at a restaurant with no fire dancers on the stage.

You need to work with a technology expert who understands pixel pitch and bezels. You need to work with a marketing expert who understands creativity of content. We are citizens of the perfect world where the two are blended into one. We are the perfect storm that brings both the thunder and the lightning.


Call the experts.


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