Three Ways to Ensure Your Digital Shoppers Feel Safe

Nowadays the news of security breaches reach us almost on a daily basis. Hackers, ad injections, malware, protected data leaks, and other threats make many potential customers wary of online shopping. Here are three ways to boost consumer confidence in the safety of your online storefront during this holiday shopping season.

Easy Check Out

Mistrust in the safety of their online purchase is a huge player in shopping cart “abandonment”. Websites that redirect buyers are also flashing signs to jump ship. Make sure your shopping cart displays the SSL lock (secure socket layer) or Trust Seal. PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance is also key to consumer security when using credit and debit cards.

Customer Service

A viewable FAQ on your policies can help answer client questions quickly. Make sure you have clear privacy policies, shipping estimates, return policies, and specific contact details. Make sure you offer a human, or human-like, experience. Chat-bots are good, but contact with a live person or valid email is essential.

Limit Ads and Pop-ups

Nothing scares a customer off faster than a rash of pop-ups. Studies have shown that consumers almost immediately leave a site for fear of compromising their information when multiple pop-ups show up. If you must have a pop-up, or video, it goes without saying that consumers dislike noise and excess. Make sure there is a clear and easy way to exit the popup or silence the video.

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