Run a Social Media Contest

Social media contests are a great way to increase your online presence, collect followers, and promote your brand. A successful contest can blast your connections thru the roof. Trind, a Dutch cosmetics company, generated over 900 leads from a simple manicure set giveaway! Diamond Candles states that they generated 30,000 leads and gained over 145,000 Facebook fans in just six weeks from a contest.

So how do you run one?

First: Figure out your goal. Use a number to make it tangible. “get 500 new leads” “collect 100 new followers” “obtain 2500 Facebook likes” “grow sales by 25% this quarter”

Second: Define a clear contest duration and select prizes and delivery times of those prizes. Make the prizes worth the effort of the contest. Select something that will catch users’ eye, stand out enough to stop their scroll, or offer irresistible value and bragging rights.

Third: Decide what social media channel you want to run your contest on, select the appropriate tool to handle the contest, create and load. Shortstack is an excellent contest tool that can be run on almost any platform. It also provides you with detailed analytics, verified voting, action-gate functions, and over 90 different templates to choose from. Rafflecopter is another tool that earns rave reviews for ease of use, successful campaigns, and reputable widgets. They offer a free trial of their Basic, Grow, and Premium Plans. Other tools like Gleam (which has a WordPress Plugin!), Wishpond, and Woobox are easy to use and offer their own individual perks as well!

Lastly: Promote. Promote. Promote. Give extra entries to contestants who share your contest, pin it on Pinterest or like your Facebook page.

Good luck and happy contest building!

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