Video Advertising: Marketing Your Brand Can’t Do Without

GlobalWebIndex statistics report shows that 60% of internet users watch and stream video. Profiling of viewer ages groups shows that teenagers are the highest number of viewers (72% in fact!) are between 16-24 years of age. When you think about it, the teen/ young adult demographic does make sense. Teens have more free time, they are fantastic at technology, and much of their learning is via video already.

Networking has become more and more focused on entertainment. Initially, people were highly into the sharing option—wanting to share their life and their views and make their opinions heard. Now, people tend to be more selective in what they share and who they share with. Thus, they are watching more for entertainment than for “fitting in” to society.

Viewers are also looking for things to buy. Four out of ten viewers follow brands that they like or use. 25% of them also follow a brand simply because they are “thinking” about buying something from that brand in the future.
For those of you looking to market products, entertaining and informative video advertisements are the way to go. Marketing video strategy needs to include information without being boring. More and more brands are reaching out to social media influencers to a solution to stifled creative content. Social media influencers already have a viewer audience and can reach specific demographics, essentially doing the networking “work” for the brand.

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