Twitter 6-second Viewable Video Ad Bids Go Global

Twitter has a new video ad bidding option available on a global scale today. Advertisers can run 15-second or shorter ads, but they will only be charged if the ad is viewed for a full six-seconds with pixels at 50% in view. The option is available for Promoted Video, In-stream Video Sponsorships and In-stream Videos Ads that include assets at 15-seconds or less in length.

According to Twitter the new option is a “flexible option for advertisers who care about the completed view metric, but are ready to lean into the mobile-first paradigm and develop short-form assets optimized for in-feed viewing.” Alice Oliveira, a CSB Brazil marketing director for Dell has early access to the video ad bid option. “This six-second video ad solution, paired with compelling creative, increased our view rate by over 22%,” said Oliveira.

“Social platforms have traditionally qualified at viewing of two or three seconds and 50% in-view,” said Media Kitchen group business director Brooke Reno. “This means a view is basically a user swiping through their feed, which means they aren’t going to recall your brand. Being able to buy and optimize on time is a much better option for brands using video so that they are only paying for people who are consuming some of their message.”

A recent study by EyeSee found that short-form videos of less than six seconds with the sound off that included clear branding created “a significantly better ad recall and message association on mobile.”

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