02 Feb 2017

Are you and your cybergeek significant other looking for a movie or show to watch this weekend?  Or maybe you just want to enjoy some good reading that will both inform and entertain.  Either way, here’s a list for you to check out.

Dragnet Nation

Author: Julia Angwin
Medium: Non-fiction
Summary: Angwin writes about her experiences as she tests multiple anti-surveillance techniques.

Little Brother

Author: Cory Doctorow
Medium: Novel (free download available on Doctorow’s website)
Summary: A 17 year-old student outwits his high school’s intrusive (but clumsy) surveillance systems.

Mr. Robot

Created by: Sam Esmail
Medium: TV Series
Summary: This series follows young hacktivists who use their cyberskills to bring down big, bad corporations.

Five Best VPN Service Providers

Author: Alan Henry
Medium: Online Article
Summary: This article acknowledges that, though people have varying cybersecurity needs, there are options that work well for most individuals.

Inside ‘Eligible Receiver’

Author: Fred Kaplan
Medium: Online Article
Summary: In 1997, the NSA was easily able to to hack the US military by manipulating military personnel.

Black Hat

Directed by: Michael Mann
Medium: Film
Summary: An American cybercriminal is released from prison to help authorities track down unknown hackers who breached a nuclear power plant.

The Age of Information

By: Momus
Medium: Music
Summary: This song explores the battle between man and government in this new Age of Information.

A Cellphone Rights Guide for Trump Inauguration Protesters and Women’s Marchers

Medium: Article
Author: Molly Olmstead
Summary: This concise article explains what rights you have (and don’t have) when it comes to The People vs. Your Cell Phone.

Data and Goliath

Medium: Book
Author: Bruce Schneier
Summary: Security expert Bruce Schneier explores the tightrope that is security versus privacy, and artfully creates solutions that help us to balance them.

Enemy of the State

Directed by: Tony Scott
Medium: Film
Summary: Will Smith plays a lawyer who is targeted by the NSA after he unwittingly receives evidence of a murder that is politically-motivated.

Surveillance Self-Defense Guide

Author: The Electronic Freedom Foundation
Summary: This comprehensive guide offers instructions for everything from making a secure password to using secure messaging apps.

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