If a hacker attacked your network today, what they would find? Like most small businesses, you probably aren’t sure, and what you don’t know? Most definitely can hurt you.  

A Penetration Test (Pen Test) from Petronella Technology Group will tell you before you find out the hard way. Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, we provide the best in talent to ensure you prevent a cybersecurity breach. Make sure you subscribe to our blog module to get the latest updates. Our services are available for companies both US-based companies and International firms.

Proactive Cyber Security Pen Testing is a MUST for Every Business 

Businesses of every size and every industry are relying more and more on technology for their everyday operations. If your network and systems aren’t fully secured, all you’re doing is creating opportunities for malicious actors to attack.  

Think you’re safe because your business is too small to attract notice, the security you have is “good enough,” or you don’t have anything a hacker might want anyway?  

Think again.  

As the sheer volume of cyberattacks grow every year, hackers, too, grow increasingly sophisticated, and if you are simply waiting for a successful breach of your system to reveal how vulnerable your network is, then you are truly asking for trouble.  

There is, however, a solution! PTG’s Pen Testing will reveal exactly where your weak spots are BEFORE a crisis hits. 

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What is a Pen Test and Why Do I Need One? 

If you want to stop a hacker from accessing your system, you need to find the holes in your security before they do. The best way to evaluate your risk is to get an accurate snapshot of your vulnerabilities, which is exactly what a PTG Pen Test gives you.  

During a PTG Pen Test, a certified penetration professional uses the same techniques and tools as a cybercriminal. They run an authorized cyberattack on your computer systems to figure out a way in.  

Unlike a vulnerability scan, which is a mostly automated process that simply alerts you to potential problems, a Pen Test is an individualized analysis of your system run by an expert. This ethical hack not only identifies weaknesses, but also safely exploits them to discover exactly what information might be compromised during a criminal attack. 

You’ll receive an in-depth report that identifies your high-risk vulnerabilities and gives you a plan of action for fixing your security gaps. We’ll help you understand which of your existing security measures are doing their job, as well as what changes you need to make to better protect your data. As part of a comprehensive cybersecurity program, PTG’s Pen Testing will keep you a step ahead of evolving cyber threats. 

An Unbiased Expert View 

Your cybersecurity is too important to depend on luck. Allowing PTG’s cybersecurity professionals to conduct a Pen Test is the best way to shed light on potential issues before criminals damage your business and your reputation.  

Don’t let the fear of a successful cyberattack on your business keep you up at night. Remember: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 

Is your organization protected from hackers? We work to protect financial institutions, healthcare systems and manufacturing facilities.

What is the difference between a Penetration Test and a Vulnerability Scan?

Do not confuse the two with the assumption your systems are protected, get the full explanations HERE

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