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Complete visibility of your vulnerabilities.
Custom recommendations on how to protect your online assets.


Do you believe hackers won't pay attention to your business?

Think again.


There is a hacker every 39 seconds.


64% of companies have experienced web-based attacks.


Hacking costs small organizations nearly $8 million per incident.

IT & Cybersecurity Vulnerability Scans find security loopholes before cybercriminals do. Business owners and home users with complex systems need this scan to protect and secure private online information.

Our IT & Cybersecurity Vulnerability Scans are completely customized to fit your unique situation. Petronella Tech offers testing continuously, monthly, quarterly or yearly for your websites, apps, code, platforms, and more.

IT & Cybersecurity Vulnerability Scans evaluate your online security by identifying, diagnosing, and recommending actions to remedy security vulnerabilities. Our personalized IT & Cybersecurity Vulnerability Scans are performed with only vetted, tested, and patented solutions to ensure you have the most thorough review. We never rely on one vendor or software solution. We customize a program to offer you the best protection.

And right now, you can book a complimentary consultation for your IT & Cybersecurity Vulnerability Scans.


Find The Vulnerabilities Before the Hackers Do!

Our customized IT & Cybersecurity Vulnerability Scan can save you time, money, and a massive headache!

Don’t be an easy target. Set your system up for success with proper screening. After an IT & Cybersecurity Vulnerability Scan, you will understand what security loopholes a hacker could manipulate and show you a plan to make your system stronger.